I was born and raised in Dixonville, Alberta and am married with 4 children, Jenny, Cole, Riley, Reece and Taylor. Where we continue to live only miles away from where I grew up. We enjoy hunting, camping, quadding, horseback riding, snowmobiling, motocross and rodeo with our entire family. Farming led to welding, welding led to the oil patch, the oil patch led to ulcers, high blood pressure and hair loss……I recently decided to step back from the oilfield and take a step into guiding. We stepped forward by purchasing Peace Country Outfitting from Mr. Ralph Cowie of Manning, Alberta with his 60 years of hunting and guiding experience who helped and encouraged our new adventure. I wanted to find something to enjoy as a family, much like farming was for me growing up. Our family is all excited to be a part of our new adventure.

We have experienced guides who have grown up hunting & fishing in our area and also love and respect the outdoors. They are all eager to show you how good they are at their job. We at Trek want to show you a glimpse of why we love the outdoors and the thrill of the chase. We understand that looking after your well being is good for business and that’s good for you!

2020 proved to be the worst possible time to invest into the tourism industry as Covid 19 came and slammed our borders shut within 3 months of us purchasing our guiding business. But as we learn to adapt with new changes and requirements for travel we can soon get out to the
bush and properly social distance!